Bodhi Naturae – Organic and ecofriendly cosmetics

Enlighten your skin®

Radiant skin is healthy skin. Inhale Exhale. Enlighten your skin®.

100% Natural, Certified Organic, Water-Free, Vegan and Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

From the love for nature, aromatherapy and the ancient Ayurvedic philosophy the new skincare line Bodhi Naturae is born.

Bodhi is inspired by the Buddhist concept of mental enlightenment and awareness, essential to achieve a balance between mind and body, and therefore the real wellness.

Water-free formulas based on the combination of high quality certified organic ingredients, such as botanical extracts, vegetable oils, essential oils and natural probiotics, blended together to nourish all skin types and recover their natural radiance.

Choose to be conscious and take care of both your skin and the planet.

Sustainable Water-Free Skincare

We have created high-quality, water-less and high concentrated formulations, that offer more benefits for the skin. Ours is an ethical and sustainable choice for the planet and for skincare.
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Holistic Skincare

Bodhi naturae is inspired by the concept of balance between mind and body to achieve well-being and skin health. We use aromatherapy to create our own formulas and aromas.
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Probiotic Skincare

IThe skin microbiome helps to keep the skin healthy and bright, strengthening the epidermal barrier. We create our formulations with probiotic ingredients to balance and protect the skin microbiome.
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We use only high-quality natural certified ingredients to nourish and respect the skin and protect the planet.


Our products do not contain any kind of animal ingredient. We can define ourselves a 100% vegan beauty.


Our entire skincare line is officially certified as organic by BioInspecta BioVidaSana following all the requirements of organic cosmetica.

Sustainable packaging

We only use recyclable, eco-friendly and reusable glass containers to protect the quality of ingredients and respect the environment.

Cruelty free

We are against animal testing. Following European law, none of our products have been tested on animals.

Recycle Paper

We only use FSC® certified recyclable paper for our packaging which ensures a sustainable forest management and protects the ecosystem biodiversity.

Healthy and glowing skin means balance between mind and body

The skin is the mirror of our soul.

It is the largest organ in our body and is our first connection with the outside world. The skin is continuously involved in an intense exchange between the nervous system and the immune system.

The skin works all day, every day to protect us and keep us healthy.

For this reason, using certified organic skincare is essential to nourish and protect it.

Through a holistic, and eco-conscious lifestyle, we take care of both ourselves and the planet.

  All this reflects positively in our body and mind well-being.

Inhale and exhale.

Enlighten your skin.